Wanderers of Krath

A theft, and Kal gets roughed up

In which our heroes steal some sweet loot

Assisted by Vasily, Osha broke into the house of a noble family to steal the strange book for Benedict. 

She made it in undetected and found the book stuffing it in a sack. Before leaving, she found the arms of a noble hung on a mannequin – a fine hauberk, a spangenhelm, a sword and dagger. She decided to steal these as well – wrapping them in cloth and lowering them from the window to Vasily. 

When they returned to their house, they showed their ill-gotten gains to Kal, who was extremely upset; saying that the sword and hauberk were far too recognisable. If they tried to sell them, they would be caught and hanged for sure. 

Osha kept the dagger, and Vasily wrapped the rest in oilskin and buried them in the basement of their tenement. Osha lied to Kal, convincing him they had thrown the arms in the river. 

When they returned the book to Benedict, he was very happy, paying them in silver and offering them another job – to find him a “fresh” body. 

When they returned to their house, Vasily found that Kal had been beaten up. Kal raged at him, telling him that a man named Sergoyin had roughed him up, and that he deserved to die for it – “Suffer not this insult to your master!”



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