Wanderers of Krath

Grave Robbing, and sorting out Kal's problems

In which Osha steals a body, and Vasily gets into a fight

Osha and Vasily decided that if they were to find a fresh body for Benedict, then the best place to find one would be the family crypts of the Ossary in the noble quarter (the bodies of the poor are interned outside the walls before being burned in mass pyres come spring). They bought a sleeping draught from Xiang. Osha poisoned a pot of tea and gave this to the Ossary’s caretaker, knocking him out.

Within the Ossary yard, they found a crypt that had recently had offerings put outside. Inside, they found the body of a young woman, wearing a find dress and the embroidered headscarf of a young woman to be married. Vasily could not bring himself to remove the body – it reminded him too much of his sister in Husgrad – and he left. Osha had no such qualms, dumping the body on a cart and handing it over to an overjoyed Benedict, who pronounced it “Perfect! Better than perfect!” Osha also gave Benedict the letter from Xiang outlining his wares. He was thrilled at this news as well – saying he would order materials in the near future, and would have Osha and Vasily act as his agents. 

Vasily went to find Sergoyin – determined to beat him up, though not to kill him. When confronted, Sergoyin demanded the six Roubles that Kal owed his boss – someone called Kuril. Osha had heard of Kuril – a gang boss who controls a significant portion of the docks. Vasily had no knowledge of the debt, but undaunted he attempted to intimidate Sergoyin into cancelling the debt. Sergoyin did not take kindly to threats, and stabbed Vasily twice – to no great effect, but tearing his doublet and soaking it in blood. Osha intervened in the fight, slashing Sergoyin’s arm and forcing him to drop his knife. He fled. 



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