Wanderers of Krath

Marek meets a bad end; and Vasily's friend goes mad

Our heroes tie up a loose end, and Raz loses his shit

Deciding that Marek was a liability, Osha determined to murder him and take over the gang. Osha and Vasily went to Benedict and took an order for materials to Xiang. Benedict gave them a bag of gold coins as payment, and a list of materials. 

They convinced Xiang to add on a phial of Hellbane poison – determined to use this to knock off Marek. 

Osha went to the inn that the gang uses, finding everyone bruised from a fight with the Tanners. Marek was drunk, and gave Osha shit about needing to be tougher. The rest of the gang slowly left, as Osha sat listening to his Marek’s witless drunken banter. She took him upstairs to “put him to bed”. 

Vasily snuck into the inn and held Marek down while Osha poured the Hellbane down his throat. This killed him fairly quickly, though not without a great deal of thrashing about. The innkeeper came to investigate, but Osha convinced him that a drunken Marek had simply thrashed about the room, and that she would pay for the damage. 

Vasily visited Raz and Mirov. Raz was in some kind of melancholy, and had been furiously writing for days. Mirov was worried for his friend, saying “He hasn’t been the same since we drank the Black Lotus tea. 

When Raz saw Vasily trying to read his scribblings, he flung himself at Vasily, attempting to strangle him. Vasily easily overpowered him. Raz babbled about a city destroyed by a rain of fire, of witch-kings and daemon gods; before having some kind of fit. 

They called for a physician, who said that his humours were out of balance and that he would need purging. 

Mirov was very worried. He and Raz are out of money, would be unable to pay a physician, and if they were to ask other merchant families for assistance, news of Raz’s descent into madness might scandalise his family. Vasily said that he “knew someone who could help”.  



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