Wanderers of Krath

Placating Kuril; and Marek wants some cash

Writing cheques you can't cash

Marek came to Osha, and told her to collect money from the Tanners – “We need some cash. Go and shake them down.” Osha knew it was early to collect the protection money; but went anyway. She went with the aim of intimidating them, but failed to do so, and was driven off by angry tradesmen. Returning, she explained to Marek that the Tanners were broke, and couldn’t pay regardless. Marek raged at her – saying that she was weak, and that he would show these upstarts who was in charge. 

She soon found out that Marek had run up a gambling debt, and that the money was to pay this off. 

Kal came to Vasily in confidence – saying that Osha was “A liability…she can never be accepted into the circles will will mix in. She is dangerous!” Vasily tried to convince Kal that they would need Osha’s knowledge of the underworld to succeed, but he was having none of it. The argument petered out unresolved. 

Osha and Vasily went to Kuril – who turned out to be a fairly normal-looking woman of around thirty years – trying to sort out the debt Kal owed, and to head off some kind of gang war. Kuril accepted money from Vasily for Kal’s debt; but then turned to the matter of what to do about the injured Sergoyin. 

Sergoyin demanded the “Blood Price” for his injury. Rather than offering Kuril money for the debt, Osha suggested that she could lead the Tannery Row gang as Kuril’s lieutenant, and pay her tribute. Kuril accepted this, silencing Sergoyin’s demands for blood. Sergoyin looked furiously at Osha – sure to be plotting revenge. 



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