Wanderers of Krath


New digs, an Oath, and some dirty money

Very much on their own in a strange new city; Osha, Vasily and Kal decided to set themselves up for winter. 

Short on funds, they decided to find a room they could share. They found a single, dingy room in a tenement on Tannery Row – some of the least desirable real estate in Tzarograd. 

Osha found this to her liking – it beat being on the streets for winter; and that there was a gang that controlled the surrounding streets. She managed to break into the gang; finding herself in the middle of a power struggle between the existing leader, Radov, and his Lieutenant, Marek. 

Deciding that Marek might be the more maleable to her long-term aims of taking over; Osha convinced Marek that she supported him as leader. Radov overheard them and threatened Osha, who overreacted and stabbed him. Marek was shocked, but Osha convinced him that this was a good thing, as Marek was now in charge. 


Meanwhile, Kal found employment as a scribe in the Chantries – the halls of learning in Tzarograd - a sort of proto-university. His changed circumstances seemed to have an effect on the man; as he 



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