Danica, Hedy, Mikus and Vladislav

Circus Performers in Baba's wandering troupe


Danica and Hedy are acrobats and tumblers. Danica is blonde, tall and rake-thin, while Hedy is red-headed, stocky and powerful. Both are chatty and friendly. They are philosophical about working in the circus – they were orphans from far over to the East.

Mikus is a magician, trickster and rogue. He is a fine prestidigitator and card-sharp with an infectious grin and sparkling eyes. He delights in carney-tricks and taking money from rubes.

Vladislav is brawny and big-boned. His beard is as red as fox fur and broad as a shovel. Upon his nose, he has a mole with a tuft of hairs red as the bristles in a sow’s ears. His nostrils are black and wide, his mouth as big as a furnace door. At wrestling, he always wins.


Danica, Hedy, Mikus and Vladislav

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