Kal Lin Tor

Bastard son of Boyar Olegk Tor. Has a plan.


Small, lean and wiry with greasy black hair and a hooked nose.

Kal is quiet and thoughtful, except when talking about his goals of greatness, when he becomes manic and wild-eyed.


Olegk Tor is the Boyar of Husgrad, and is notorious for his prodigious appetites. As a result, he has fathered over a dozen bastards, and Kal is the eldest of them (the post-nominal Lin denotes that Kal is illegitimate, but that he is of the House Tor)

There is no shame in bastardry in Krath – such issue are often trusted stewards and advisors to the Boyar; but the law says that where there are no legitimate heirs, the firstborn of the bastards is to take primacy. As such, plots of murder are never far from the surface in the Boyar’s household.

As a young lad, Kal distinguished himself by being clever. Spying potential, Olegk apprenticed him as a scrivener. Kal found a home in this work, quickly learning to read and keep accounts.

While Olegk may be a roistering oaf, his forebears were philosophers and scholars, and stocked the citadel with a collection of treatises on history, astronomy and alchemy. Quite happy to wile away his time in learning, Kal spent little time thinking about becoming Boyar.

However, when Kal’s half-brother Maxim died of convulsions, many suspected Kal of having poisoned him. Kal protested his innocence, but calls for him to be tried grew louder.

Seeing an opportunity to escape with Vasily and Osha, he stole a book (The Account of Gabriel Vermar) as payment, and left Husgrad with Baba and the Circus.

On arriving in Tzarograd, he has taken it in his head to quest after the lands and titles denied to him though his illegitimate birth. He has sworn Vasily into his service, promising to raise him up alongside him.

Kal Lin Tor

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