A gutter rat with a heart of gold. Well, tin...


No-one gives anything without wanting something in return. I will be in no-one’s debt.
It was my intercession that paid Marta’s dowry. Vasily owes me big.
Kal is highly suspect. I will keep an eye on him.

If I am threatened with violence, I will strike first and without mercy.
When in doubt, lie!
If I want it, and I think I can get away with it, I take it!


When women turn to whoring, children are sure to be born.

Osha’s mother is a sad, dissolute drunkard, who beat her regularly. Osha hated her. Hates her. She ran. But there are few places to run in Ohuskr.

In the scrabble to survive in the rat-infested back-streets of the citadel, Osha became queen rat. She survived through guile and craft, filching food and small valuables from unsuspecting folk. Few were foolhardy enough to test Osha, lest they find themselves breathing their last in a filthy corner of the citadel, a knife in their chest.

But Osha found herself in serious trouble. In an impulsive moment, she stole money from Dmitri, a pimp and stand-over man. His men were hunting her when she met Vasily and things began to change.

Before escaping from Husgrad, the pair broke into Dmitri’s house and stole his hoard of treasure.

Against her better judgement, she “lent” most of her share to Vasily to pay his sister Marta’s dowry. She’s very conscious of being able to get her money back.

She’s now on the road with Baba and the Circus. It’s strange and unfamiliar, but better than being stuck in Husgrad.


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