Razenov and Miroslav

Young, impressionable sons of merchants


The eldest sons of two merchant families, sent to Tzarograd for the year for their education. Their parents hoped that they would spend their time in learning and their money in making valuable and sensible contacts to advance the family network.

However, they have blown most of their cash in gambling, drinking and whoring; and their time in the company of similarly foolish young men.

Short of funds, they hired Vasily as a part-time servant (they are barely capable of taking care of themselves).

Vasily, in an unusually worldly flourish, convinced the young men that his master Kal is indeed a fellow of high standing; and that he himself is a gentleman – reduced to service only by necessity. They are somewhat in awe of the cultured young man. (Until he fails his next Falsehood/Etiquette roll)

After a night of debauchery, Vasily, Raz and Mirov sampled The Black Lotus. This ended up having a severe effect of Raz; who has slowly lost his mind – reduced to scribbling mad accounts of grand cities destroyed by cataclysms, of great witch-kings devoured by nameless daemons.


Razenov and Miroslav

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