A man of humble origins who dreams of being a hero


Tall, square-jawed and good looking with sandy hair.


Vasily wants a choice; but no-one gets to choose in Husgrad. Especially not the poor.

Vasily’s father was a poor man, but an honest one. He worked a small plot of land, growing barley and turnips. Before he passed during the winter before last, he made Vasily promise to farm his land, and to see that Vasily’s sister Marta, who would soon come of age, was married to a good man who could provide her with a decent living.

Vasily farmed, and worked hard; but was far too poor to afford a dowry. His sister Marta loved Grigori, the son of a wealthy farmer, and he loved her; but such a match could never be.

In his youth, Vasily’s father told stories of the great heroes of old. Wanderers and rogues whose trickery defeated evil sorcerers. Warriors in gleaming maille who felled dragons with their lances.

He loved those stories. To see far off places is his fondest desire; but it’s hard to dream with your face in the dirt.

On meeting Osha, his life took a turn.

First, the Circus arrived. Baba offered to take them along, but only if they could pay their way.

Then he befriended Kal, the bastard son of Boyar Olegk Tor. Kal offered to help him and Osha escape from Husgrad, but only if he took him with them.

Finally, he and Osha broke into Dmitri’s house and stole his treasure. Much of this was used to pay Marta’s dowry. He told Marta and her new family that the silver plate and goblets were “family heirlooms that were buried for safekeeping, but had been unearthed for the dowry”.

He left his farm to Marta, and went on the road with Kal and Osha. He hopes to learn the secrets of gentility from Kal, that he might be accepted as a Haspadar, and become a great hero.

In a strange village on the road, he fought a supernatural creature – a Leshy – coming off second best. Finding his way to a stone circle in the forest nearby, he found a way of releasing the Leshy from its curse, and was blessed with a vision.

After travelling to Tzarograd and being abandoned by Baba; he swore an oath to Kal. The oath was one of a Knight to his Lord.


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